The Summer 2003 Update/Upgrade

        The Adventures of Peaches and Bogie, this website, has just been through a major overhaul. Originally opened to the public in October, 2000, very little was done to it until recently. It was not a bad first effort, as first efforts go (by my estimation), and I had kinda maxed out on HTML, and pictures, and spending hours upon hours at the computer working out the detailed issues that have to be worked out if your site is going to look right. And, besides, I had other projects and other people that were feeling neglected, so I opened it and let it be for almost three years. In the meantime, I continued to take pictures of the dogs, and occasionally I would come up with a new doctored-up picture that I would stick in a file and let accumulate.

        Keep in mind that I did not advertise the site in any way, other than by word-of-mouth. Well, eventually somebody notified Beagles-On-The-Web that it was out here, and they posted a link to it on their site. That event increased the hit count by a hundred-fold. Seriously, it went from 0-3 per week up to 100-110 per week, and kept it there pretty consistently for a long time. I got some nice emails during that run, one of which alerted me to the fact that about half of the thumbnails on the BabyPictures page were broken. For three years I had assumed they were working. I could have sworn they were working when I opened the site. But, sure enough, the thumbnails were visible, only the links were bad. Drat!

        Anyway, that got me involved in this major overhaul, during which I added a slide show feature, a guestbook, a new hit counter, a copyright statement, and two more pages of pictures. I have personally clicked on every link, button, and thumbnail a thousand times, so I know they are all working. There are eleven pages containing over two hundred pictures, not counting the three or four pages of text such as this. As it is now, it should be good-to-go for another three years, even though it will be easy to add new pages on occasion, due to the fact that I have revisited all the how-to's and now know how to get it all together without a lot of stress and strain. Just like anything else, it gets easier the more of it you do. It took almost a month, in my spare time, but I think it was worth it, and hope you do to.

        Enough of this. Go click on some pictures, have a few laughs, and look at some beautiful little dogs. These two have got to be some of the most photogenic dogs in the world, but, of course, I'm a little biased....just ever so slightly.
                                                                                                Mick Breazeale

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