Monkey with a Death Wish: A very agile, pesky monkey makes life a living hell for a couple of tiger cubs. You can't help but laugh. (Requires Windows Media Player and a snappy hookup)

Turkeys in Concert : Seasonal humor that needs no seasoning, with dressing fit for a diva.

Dumb Laws :Some of the strange laws that are still on the books will amaze you!

Emergency Landing: Imagine you are cruising along on the freeway and look in your rearview mirror to see a 747 on your tail. (Requires Windows Media Player and a snappy hookup)

Saving Rooster Boo: Jay Leno guest appearance of a lady from Arkansas who saved an apparently dead rooster with mouth-to-beak resussitation. She is quite a character, so between her spirited narration, Jay Leno's wry comments, and the dynamics between she and Terry Bradshaw, Jay's other guest, this piece is a riot. (Requires Windows Media Player and a snappy hookup)

The Guy Rules: The rules of engagement in the battle of the sexes according to the guys.

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