Clan Breazeale of the Village Ethel

The Descendants of
Charles Milton and Lula Lucinda Burchfield Breazeale

WELCOME ALL! This display is intended to be a reservoir of pictures and information about the huge family produced by the union of Charles M. Breazeale and Lula Burchfield. The sum total of this presentation will tell a great story of love, stability, and success. It will show the results of strong parenting, unyielding devotion, and moral foundation. The generations that followed in the wake of this spiritual bonding are today a widely dispersed group who share a rich cultural heritage. That culture, and the familial legacy it has spawned, will also be explored in these pages. It is a complex tale, over a century in length, that began with the arduous quest of a resolute young man, on a long country road, in rural Mississippi.

In the late fall of 1900, nineteen year old Charlie Breazeale rode on horseback fifteen miles from his father's farm near Providence, Mississippi to the Attala County seat in Kosciusko, to obtain a marriage license. He had been courting Miss Lula Burchfield, of the Tabernacle community. She had agreed to give her hand in marriage and build a life with him. When finally he reached the County Clerk's office, his request was refused, as he was a minor, and he would have to get his father's permission before a license could be issued. Determined, Charlie rode back to his father's farm, got his father's blessing and a letter stating so, again rode the fifteen miles to Kosciusko and got the license to marry his sweetheart. He paid the three dollar fee with his meager savings, a pocket full of nickels. He and Lula were married on Dec. 2, 1900.

From this humble beginning, an odyssey was launched that has culminated in the births of eleven children, thirty-three grandchildren, fifty-one great-grandchildren, and thirty far. The journey to the present has taken us through some of the brightest and some of the darkest decades of America's history. We survive intact, proud, loving, steeped in family mores, with a manifold tale to tell. On each of these pages the facinating story will unfold.

The Mother
Lula Lucinda
Burchfield Breazeale

The Father
Charles Milton

The Ten Children

Charles Everette
Circa 1967
Clarence Edward
Circa 1967
Luther Grady
Circa 1935
Lillian Estell
Circa 1967
Zula Cleoda
June, 1999
Lula Beatrice
June, 1997
Ludie Ray
April, 1992
Robert Milton
Circa 1967
Jewell Evelyn
June, 2004
Clara Ruth
Mid 80's

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