Finding the Cave Creek Cemetery, where Uncle Bush is buried, is not difficult or complex at all. For as genuinely rural as it is, it is not far from the major thoroughfares. Click here for a broad overview map of the area.

Locate the intersection of Interstate 40 and Gallaher Rd., east of Kingston. Travel south on Gallaher Rd. until it dead ends into Highway 70, also called Kingston Highway. Turn left on Highway 70 and travel 5.4 miles to Cave Creek Rd.

Turn right onto Cave Creek Rd. Travel 1.8 miles to Cemetery Hill Rd. Turn right on Cemetery Hill Rd. (The intersection of Cave Creek Rd. and Cemetery Hill Rd. is considered the heart of the Cave Creek Community)

On Cemetery Hill Rd., the first building on your left is the Cave Creek Primitive Baptist Church. Follow Cemetery Hill Rd. past it, around the curve and up the hill. A couple hundred yards up the hill you will see Cave Creek Cemetery, on your left. Go another couple hundred-plus yards and you will see the Cave Creek Missionary Baptist Church at the top of the hill.

Cave Creek Primitive Baptist Church as it is today.
The placard over the bell reads,
"Cave Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Est. 1829"

Cave Creek Missionary Baptist Church as it is today.

Enter the cemetery through the main gate. Uncle Bush's headstone is near the gate.

Go through the gate and angle 45 degrees to the left. Walk about
10 or 12 paces and you will see the headstone lying flush with the ground.

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