Basic List of Items Needed to Complete Everette's Page


1. Need excellent picture of Everette: 20-30 y.o., studio portrait type.

2. Need excellent picture of Grace: 20-30 y.o., studio portrait type.

3. Need picture of Everette and Grace together (wedding photo or one very close to time of wedding)

4. Need gradeschool pictures of each of Everette's children (preteen pictures will suffice, but would prefer that relative ages are close).

5. Need studio portrait shots of:
Carolyn Breazeale
Ralph Breazeale
Elaine Breazeale
Virginia Breazeale
Ann Breazeale

I have perfect glamour shots of both Maurice and Malcolm, thanks to Ann Breazeale. Just click on their names on the previous page.

6. Need compact bio on Everette. This is to be a thumbnail sketch of Everette's life, referring to the major events of his life. A more detailed bio can be added at some point, but the compact bio is to introduce him on his main page. (Refer to Clara's Page for example)

6. Need compact bio on Grace. Same basic thing as above.

7. Need compact bio's on each of Everette's children.

Webmasters note: I have very few pictures of Uncle Everette, Aunt Grace or any of their children. For some reason, our family (Ed's family) did not associate closely or often with Uncle Everette's family over the years. I saw them occasionally at family reunions once I was old enough to be aware of others besides those my own age. I spoke to Uncle Everette once or twice, spent a couple of minutes in conversation with Aunt Grace once, had nice conversations with Carolyn on two or three occasions, and have spoken with Ann a couple of times. If I have ever talked with Elaine or Virginia, I did not realize who they were and did not connect their faces with their names. I have had many conversations with Ralph and feel closer to him than any of the others. I don't believe I ever spoke to or talked with either Maurice or Malcolm.

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