Basic List of Items Needed
to Complete Grady's Page


1. Need excellent picture of Grady: 20-30 y.o., studio portrait type. This is to be used for his intro page. We can always change it or post other pictures elsewhere.

2. Need excellent picture of Thelma: 20-30 y.o., studio portrait type.

3. Need picture of Grady and Thelma together (wedding photo or one very close to time of wedding)

4. Need compact bio on Grady. This is to be a thumbnail sketch of Grady's life, referring to the major events of his life. A more detailed bio can be added at some point or accessed by link, but the compact bio is to introduce him on his main page. (Refer to Clara's Page for example)

5. Need compact bio on Thelma. Same basic thing as above. Need a discussion of her personality, likes, dislikes, special interests, lifelong endeavors, etc.

6. Beyond these basic items, links to many other informative or entertaining items, pages, or websites can be laid out on these pages, but it is important to complete this basic structure as quickly as possible.

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